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SH June 29, 2014

Highland Council is providing a green waste collection again this summer. It is also doing a household recycling survey based on the contents on the green and blue bins from 50 households in each of 4 communities – including Kirkhill. The contents will be analysed, by community not household, to show what is being collected in each bin and if additional items could be collected in the blue bin. Discussions are also being held with companies that would take the additional items for re-use re costs/prices per tonne. This is part of the programme to increase the % of household waste that is recycled and a decision on additional items will be taken later in the year.

A Refuse Collection Vehicle will be parked at Kirkhill Community Centre 12pm – 2pm each Saturday on 21st June, 19th July, 23rd August and 20th September to collect garden waste. More information can be found here

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