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ARCH Kirkhill Heritage Project 2022

Presentation of Project Outputs in Kirkhill Community Centre

People have lived in the area for thousands of years. In spring 2022 an ARCH community project shared memories and researched the local heritage, focussing on the Kirkhill parish area. Some of the evidence of the past can still be seen today, but much has been altered or destroyed. The panels below illustrate some of the more important sites, buildings and finds from the area. Further information about these and many other sites and memories of our heritage can be found in binders at Wardlaw Mausoleum or Inverness Library as well as on the Highland Historic Environment Record. There is also a comprehensive listing of sites and features collated during the course of the Project.

Project Display Panels:

Panel 1 – Mesolithic to Chalcolthic & Bronze Age (c8000BC – c800BC)

Panel 2 – Iron Age to Norse/Medieval (c800BC – 1560AD)

Panel 3 – Reformation to Industrial Revolution (c1560 – Present day)

Panel 4 – Reformation to Industrial Revolution (c1560 – Present day) cont.

Panel 5 – Charlie Gair Photographic Collection – People

Panel 6 – Charlie Gair Photographic Collection – Farming and livestock

Panel 7 – Charlie Gair Photographic Collection – Forestry

Map with references to featured assets on above Panels.