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KIRKHILL HERITAGE was researched and produced in 2022 by
Alex Anderson, Aileen Armstrong, Scott Armstrong, Alasdair Cameron, Mark Drain, Claire Geddes, Kay Horne, Erik Lundberg, Bob MacDonald, Iain MacGregor, Ruth Mackenzie, Shirley-Ann MacLean, Hamish MacLennan, Colin Macmillan, Moureen Macmillan, Ally MacNeil, Christine MacNeil, Tessa McArdle, Paula McCormack, Jim Murray, Cath Neill, Sandy Payne, Jock Ramsay, Eilidh Richmond, Ian Scott, Isobel Scott, Lindsey Stout, Verity Walker, Carol Weir, Ian Weir and Kay Whittall with the ARCH team of Susan Kruse, James McGovern, Lorna Morrison, Doug Redwood, Becky Richmond and Cara Schröter. Other help and information were provided by Kathy Fraser, Leo Fraser-Mackenzie, Simon Fraser-Mackenzie, Eric Soane, Roland Spencer-Jones, Highland Archive Centre, Inverness Museum, Lovat Estates and Wardlaw Church.

All images are by participants unless otherwise noted.

Funding was provided by Historic Environment Scotland, ARCH and the Hugh Fraser Foundation.