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SH May 11, 2014

There was an excellent turn-out and fine weather for the Kirkhill & Bunchrew Community Trust Spring Volunteering Day on Saturday 3rd May. Many thanks to Rob Kinghorn and Lindsey Stout who helped tidy the willow structures and trim the bushes in the park. The willows look very neat and should continue to grow into more solid structures – excellent for hide and seek and other games.


There was high demand for sticks and bags at the litter pick and some interesting finds including a very large TV, road sign, plastic drum, odd bits of metal and the usual assortment of bottles, cans and other rubbish. All parts of the village were covered as well as the back road to Beauly. Many thanks to all the children and adults who turned out to help. The next Litter Pick will be in the autumn after the return from the school holidays but don’t leave any litter you come across until then – bin it!



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