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George May 13, 2012

The Scout organisation as a whole is holding a community week throughout the UK where Scouts can put something back into the community.

Aird Scouts Group is inviting any member of our community to help out.

So this Thursday, 17th May, we will be providing help to keep nature in check by clearing weeds from the path between Inchmore and Reelig. The path has been narrowed by encroaching grasses so the Scouts are going to push them back!

What each Scout/volunteer will need is:

    a flat spade or trowel,
    some gardening gloves (any gloves will do to stop blisters forming)
    along with the usual waterproof jacket if it looks like rain.

We would also like parents to join in as well so we can make the maximum impact on the path so if you can come along that would be fantastic.

Meet at the Bog Roy Inn(The Inn Formerly Know as The Old North Inn) car park at 7 pm. Pick up as usual at 9 pm.

See you then

Paul, Helen, Andy, Karen

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