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SH June 6, 2020
Apple tree
Kirkhill Community Centre (KCC) are considering using the area of ground behind the MUGA to create a small orchard and perhaps a small number of raised beds. It’s early days in the project idea but the beds and orchard could be managed by local households and families and/or local community groups such as the scouts or school. Trees could also be planted in memory of a loved one.
KCC are trying gauge local community interest in the idea so please pop any comments below.

4 thoughts on “An orchard at Kirkhill Community Centre?

  1. Smaller beds would be more manageable perhaps? Also, take into account making some beds quite high so they could be accessed by wheelchair or Zimmer users?
    I love the idea though

  2. Would love to help with the raised beds ,i have just made a none dig raised bed for veg this spring and it looking also took on with a friend a alottment g very good and healthy,all raised beds none dig .i have quite a lot of knowledge of gardening and veg growing.

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