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SH April 27, 2020

Do you want to know what happens to any surplus food in the Kirkhill Community Cupboard? These are some of the imaginative ways the volunteers are using to keep food and waste out of landfill.

The Kirkhill Community Cupboard is open daily to anyone to pick up essential supplies of food. It can provide for those in need and helps avoid unnecessary travel. While most of the food donated is used there are sometimes items that are left over.

Hens and pigs love it

Surplus or damaged food is often great for livestock. Local hens love the leftover bread, rice and cereal, with the bonus that eggs are donated back in return – the perfect closed loop! Some left over and damaged fruit and veg has also been enjoyed by local pigs.

Make something else

Processing food can create different products that are easier to keep. For example, surpluses of oranges and satsumas are being juiced and frozen. This is proving really popular. Volunteers are using the bashed bananas to make banana loafs which are a great addition to the selection of home-baking in the freezer.

Compost and recycle

For anything else left, the group hope to get a Hot Composter to compost items on site that cannot be used in any other way. And, of course, packaging is also recycled where possible.

What can I do?

The Community Cupboard volunteers have provided some great ideas you could also try at home. If you want to know more Love Food Hate Waste has some easy practical ideas for everyday things in the home we can all waste less food. This will ultimately benefit our purses and the environment too.

 Please remember not to donate out of date items to the Community Cupboard as it creates extra work for the volunteers.