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SH May 15, 2011

Sixteen scouts from 7th Inverness (Kirkhill) Scout Group between the ages of 11 and 14 attended an amazing ski weekend at Cairngorm, Aviemore in April. We stayed in the comfortable Highland Council Lodges at Badaguish near Aviemore. This meant we were close to slopes for a quick start. The ski equipment and two days of ski instruction were provided by the Highland Council instructors Ron, Davey and Alastair. The scouts were divided into beginner and intermediate groups and after kitting out went off with their instructors. The weather was a bit of a challenge with some high winds and icy slopes but the instructors knew the best spots and we all learned new skills. The lodge was great to come back to after a tiring, cold day and the scouts had great fun playing games and chilling out. Apparently the weekend was “beast” and “epic”!

Trip report by Cameron Kent, Aird Scout

On the 1st – 3rd April the scouts went on a skiing trip to the Cairngorms. We took a minibus to Badaguish. On the way there, we stopped to hire our ski kit. At Badaguish we stayed in one of the big lodges. It was very nice and it had a T.V for watching DVDs and some of the rooms had bunk beds. In the morning we had breakfast and went skiing. After skiing we came back and most of us played football in the indoor hall. On Sunday we skied and at lunch time there was a ski and snowboard competition so we watched some of it while we were skiing. We had two groups for skiing, a beginners and an intermediate. On Sunday it was sunny so only a few slopes were open. When we came back from skiing we packed up and gave our skis and poles and other ski kit that we rented to the instructors. After that we drove back home on the minibus.


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