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SH December 19, 2011

Energy meters

Another group of community residents have come to the end of their free electricity monitor period. We have 5 electricity monitors that are very easy to install and show how electricity is being used over the day in our homes. Some of the recent feedback from the residents who’ve had the meters included;

– Halogen lights very energy hungry and expensive,

– Computer screens were using much more electricity than the actual computer,

– The kettle is amazingly expensive, having the electricity monitor also made me realise how often I walked away from the nearly boiled kettle and then re-boiled it a couple of minutes later;

–  The washing machine is also very expensive to run and the monitor really highlighted that – the machine is on its last legs so I will be looking to replace it very soon and will be paying particular attention to the drum size and also the  energy rating.


If you are interested in getting a free monitor for a couple of months, please get in touch with me on 07584 297485


“How To” Case Studies

Over the winter we will be preparing a number of “How To” case studies. These will explain in non technical terms, renewable energy and how to make homes more energy efficient. So if you have thoughts about making 2012 an energy efficient home3 year, keep an eye on the web pages for these guides.


Keeping Warm Over the Winter

Finally, the colder temperatures are well and truly here for  the winter. The Energy Saving Trust has some tips on how to keep warm over the  winter. While some of these sound pretty common sense, how many of us have given them some thought

– Get together – spending more time together over Christmas and New Year watching telly or playing with new presents means not all the rooms in our homes have to be heated to the same temperature. Turning the heating down in rooms we are not using will help reduce the heating bill,

– Exercise – having just spent the afternoon sledging, with my children I can vouch that despite the cold temperatures, exercise for a couple of hours is a good way to keep warm.

– Give your home a draught proofing MOT, checking there are no unwanted cold winds getting into your house,

– Top up the duvet with some blankets on the bed or make sure the duvet is suitable for the colder winter temperatures. A duvet rated 13.5 tog is good for the winter.

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