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SH December 12, 2012

Do you heat your home using oil fired central heating?

Are your worried about your household heating costs?

If you answer yes to the above questions then would you be interested in joining a Kirkhill and District Oil Club?

What might I save?

The Sunday Times recently estimated that the average household can save between £100 and £150 a year by purchasing oil through a club. By purchasing oil together we can source the cheapest supplier of oil and achieve significant savings per litre if we can collectively order approximately a full oil tanker load i.e. 11,500 litres. This works out at about 13 households ordering 900 litres each.

How could it work?

We could establish our own independent oil club but that means that we would have to administer the purchase of oil ourselves. This is not impossible by any means but is likely to require a significant time commitment from an individual or a small group. Alternatively we could join who would undertake the majority of the administration of the oil club at no cost. An administrator for the Kirkhill Oil Club would need to co-ordinate each order for the village. This person would e-mail the details of the order to including details of:

  • The address for delivery
  • The volume of oil required
  • Any specific delivery instructions – location of oil tank, access to property for example would ring round the oil suppliers and obtain the cheapest quote and then confirm with us the price and delivery details. Each household who requires oil would then pay in advance of the delivery.

Ideally we would order oil on a regular basis so members of the club know when an order is likely to be placed. Members would also be sent a regular email enquiring about household oil requirements from the administrator. As every oil supplier has different rules for bulk purchases there can be slight differences how orders can be placed and minimum volumes for each household order. However for the oil club to work best it does require households to place an order well before your tank is close to being empty.

Remember the more of us who join any oil club:

  • the more oil we are likely to collectively order giving the greatest savings
  • less heavy lorry traffic on our roads
  • orders can be placed on a regular basis

If you are interested in joining, would like more information register, or to wish to help to set up the oil club contact Bob Pettitt by email


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