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SH September 7, 2011

Over half of consumers unaware of insulation cost savings A new survey has revealed more than half of people in the UK are unaware how much money they could save by improving their home insulation. The findings highlights the lack of awareness that still surrounds simple energy saving measures like lagging lofts and cavity walls. […]

SH May 13, 2011

Who will forget in a hurry the cold snaps we experienced over the last 2 winters. The prolonged periods of cold weather meant many of us will have faced higher energy bills. And anyone trying to buy heating oil in December last year would have found that not only was it hard to get an […]

SH May 11, 2011

We are now planning for the next edition which MUST be ready for circulation about a week before the Gala. The first day of Gala Week is 29 May and distribution of Crannog must have been done by then. In which case as you may noitice in the current edition our closing date for advertising, […]