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Minutes and accounts Kirkhill Community Centre

On 31 August 2020 Kirkhill Community Centre merged with Kirkhill and Bunchrew Community Trust and was renamed Aird Community Trust. Past minutes and accounts of Kirkhill Community Centre SCIO are here.

Kirkhill Community Centre

KCC Board Minutes

KCC Meeting Minutes 2016

KCC Meeting Minutes 2015

KCC A.G.M. Minutes

KCC AGM 2016 Minutes – 20th Jan 2016

KCC Annual accounts

KCC annual accounts 2019

KCC annual accounts 2016

KCC annual accounts 2015

Note: Kirkhill District Amenities Association (KDAA) changed legal form and name to Kirkhill Community Centre (KCC) in 2015.


KDAA Committee Minutes

KDAA Meeting Minutes 2015

KDAA Meeting Minutes 2014

KDAA Meeting Minutes 2013

KDAA Meeting Minutes 2012

KDAA Meeting Minutes 2011

KDAA A.G.M. Minutes

KDAA AGM 2014 Minutes – 8th Dec 2014

KDAA AGM 2014 Minutes – 27th Jan 2014

KDAA AGM 2013 Minutes – 18th Feb 2013

KDAA AGM 2011 Minutes – 10th Nov 2011

KDAA AGM 2010 Minutes – 11th Nov 2010

KDAA Annual accounts

KDAA annual accounts 2014

KDAA annual accounts (accrued) 2013

KDAA annual accounts (receipts and payments) 2013

KDAA annual accounts 2012

KDAA annual accounts 2011

KDAA annual accounts 2010

KDAA annual accounts 2009