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Altnacardich to Kirkton path upgraded

Work was completed recently to fill in the large puddles (known locally as The Great Lakes!) to create a fantastic dry walk linking the west of the hillside (Newtonhill, Reelig and Cabrich) to the east (Kirkton, Englishton and Bunchrew) whilst avoiding the A862.

The upgrade was made possible with the permission of the landowner and a generous Active Travel Grant from Paths for All and Transport Scotland. Find out more about the work.

Path upgrades at Inchmore and Newtonhill

Teams of volunteers, with help from pupils at Kirkhill Primary School,  worked throughout 2018 to make local paths more usable. Early in the year much “ siding “ work was done to  clear encroaching vegetation from the Inchmore to Easter Moniack roadside path. The path is now full width and much more usable. Following this an application was made to Paths for All for funds to buy tools and employ contractors to do further work. This was successful and tools have been bought to assist the volunteer effort.

The core path from Altnacardoch to Blackfold at the top of Newtonhill has been the next project as it has deteriorated badly over the last three years. Again an application to Paths for All was successful and volunteers, along with a contractor to clear bigger trees, cleared the path of vegetation, diverted water flow from a pipe, unblocked ditches and created a culvert across the path. Thanks go to Alexander Baillie of Dochfour for his co-operation in the works.

Both projects were enabled by Paths for All, supported by Transport Scotland.

Volunteers wishing to help maintain and improve our local paths, in any capacity, should contact 

Picture gallery of work so far. 

Beauly to Inverness cycle route

Aird Community Trust continues to play a lead role in helping the community realise its long-held ambition for a route, suitable for both cyclists and walkers, which will run alongside the fast and busy A862 between Beauly and Inverness.  Where possible, this 15km route will utilise existing paths and minor roads, but will also include several new stretches of off-road path.  The route will link the many communities along the south side of the Beauly Firth with Inverness and with each other, allowing local people to leave their cars at home and travel safely by bike or on foot.

The first off-road path section was built between Easter Moniack and Inchmore in 1999 and is much-used and valued by both local people and visitors.  Recent work undertaken by Highland Council to upgrade the existing footpath between Kirkhill and Inchmore  (making it suitable for both walkers and cyclists) and the introduction of traffic lights and cycle lanes on the Lovat Bridge have also helped improve walking and cycling links between local communities.


In 2008, our community identified two further sections of the route as development priorities:  the Lovat Bridge to Brockie’s corner and Bunchrew to Clachnaharry.  In 2010, KBCT’s Paths and Transport group, led by Aileen Armstrong, and with support from our local  councillors, obtained more that £60,000 in funding from the Climate Challenge Fund and the Highland Councillors’ Discretionary Fund to commission an engineering design for two off-road paths covering these sections.  The engineering design was completed in March  2011 and the group will shortly submit funding applications to the Climate Challenge Fund, LEADER and the Highland Cycle Campaign to take forward the construction of the first of the paths – the Lovat Bridge to Brockie’s corner.   If our funding applications and on-going negotiations with landowners are successful, the construction of a roadside path between the Lovat  Bridge and Brockie’s corner may be achievable in 2012/13.

Find out about the results from our community survey which asked residents for their views on local cycling facilities


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